Slavery's explosive growth, visualized: How '20 and odd' became millions

Wed, 21 Aug 2019 20:47:56 -0400

A twist of fate brought the first recorded enslaved Africans to Virginia in 1619. We trace the origins of this shameful era of American history.       

Newlywed couple, ages 19 and 20, killed in crash moments after wedding

Sat, 24 Aug 2019 16:31:32 -0400

Police say Harley Joe Morgan, 19, and Rhiannon Boudreaux Morgan, 20, had just left the office of the justice of the peace when the crash occurred.       

'Star Wars' fans lose it over 'Rise of Skywalker' D23 footage and Rey's double lightsaber

Sat, 24 Aug 2019 20:32:24 -0400

Disney showed off special footage of "Star Wars:       

Doubling down on racist comments, council candidate says she opposes interracial marriage

Sat, 24 Aug 2019 17:27:22 -0400

Marysville, Michigan mayor Dan Damman has called for city council candidate Jean Cramer to withdraw. She says she doesn't plan to.       

At G7, EU warns it will respond 'in kind' if Trump puts tariff on French wine

Sat, 24 Aug 2019 15:06:52 -0400

The European Council President Donald Tusk says the E.U. will stand by France if Trump follows through on his threat to put tariffs on French wines.       

Six fans injured after lightning strikes golf course at Tour Championship

Sat, 24 Aug 2019 20:10:36 -0400

Six fans were injured Saturday afternoon when two lightning strikes shook the grounds at East Lake Golf Club during the Tour Championship in Atlanta.       

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